IFR refreshing

IFR training and refreshing

You do hold an IR rating, you fly under IFR but some details remain unclear?

  • Do I have to fill a take-off alternate airport?
  • Do I have to fill an en-route alternate airport?
  • With CAVOK forecast on all airports along the flight, do I need to fill an alternate airport?
  • In case of diverting to an alternate airport, what minimums are to be used?
  • Is Pontoise eligible as a take-off alternate ? As an en-route alternate?
  • What is the minimum visibility required to take-off in a single-pilot airplane?
  • Under which conditions is a DCT accepted in a flight plan?
  • May I use a Garmin non-WAAS GNS430 in a STAR?
  • What about PNB/ parameter in the flight plan?
  • The ceiling is OK but the visibility is below the IAP minimum, am I allowed to start the approach?
  • The visibility is OK but the ceiling is below the IAP minimum, am I allowed to start the approach?
  • Is flying IFR without a DME allowed?
  • Under which conditions, if any, can a GPS substitute a ADF, a DME, a marker?
  • May I enter a TMA without RNAV system?
  • Etc, etc.

2 or 3 hours of theory could be sufficient to satisfy the local rules… and be confident.
And if your GPS makes you wast time instead of helping you, one hour of practice in the simulator will be useful!

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