IFR refreshing

IFR training and refreshing

You do have an IFR qualification, you fly IFR but some details remain unclear ?

  • Do I have to fill a take-off alternate airport?
  • Do I have to fill an en-route alternate airport?
  • With CAVOK forecast on all airports along the flight, do I need to fill an alternate airport?
  • In case of diverting to an alternate airport, what minimums are to be used?
  • Is Pontoise eligible as a take-off alternate ? As an en-route alternate?
  • What is the minimum visibility required to take-off in a single-pilot airplane?
  • Under which conditions is a DCT accepted in a flight plan?
  • May I use a Garmin non-WAAS GNS430 in STAR?
  • What about PNB/ parameter in the flight plan?
  • The ceiling is OK but the visibility is below the IAP minimum, am I allowed to start the approach?
  • The visibility is OK but the ceiling is below the IAP minimum, am I allowed to start the approach?
  • Is it authorized to fly IFR without a DME?
  • Under which conditions, if any, can a GPS substitute a ADF, a DME, a marker?
  • May I enter a TMA without RNAV system?
  • Etc, etc.

2 or 3 hours of theory could be sufficient to satisfy the local rules… and be confident.
And if your GPS become a wasting time device when precisely it should be a help, one hour of practice in the simulator will help!

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