FAA IR and CPL courses

Theoretical courses for FAA IR and FAA CPL exams in Paris, France

The theoretical courses are usually given as face-to-face, personalized training sessions.
They require the candidate to be more or less fluent in aeronautical English.
The entire program is covered in five consecutive days or spread over two weeks (can be reduced to four or three days depending on previous IFR experience).
The FAA theoretical exams must be taken in the USA.
As an American and European instructor, the courses are designed with the aim of flying in both Europe and the USA.

Practical training courses for FAA IR and FAA CPL exams

The practical training and even the checkride are cheaper — and perhaps more rewarding — in the United States than in Europe.

If you prefer to train in France, I am authorized by the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) to provide simulator and flight training to non-American candidates (the candidate must also seek authorization from the TSA).

The theoretical part of the practical training and the simulator sessions take place in Paris, France.
Our flights typically depart from Toussus-le-Noble or Pontoise (IFR airports close to Paris).

About the FAA licences and ratings…

The flights are prepared following American regulations and methods, in order to pass the final exam with the FAA DPE (Designated Pilot Examiner). They are also prepared following our local rules in order to satisfy European regulations.

Since 09/2001, American regulations are subject to change without notice. All or part of the training could be modified, limited, delayed or prohibited. European regulation could also prohibit, limit or add conditions to the use of US licences and ratings. Please note that no guarantee can be given in this respect.

Only Approved Training Organizations (ATO) are qualified to train students towards European (EASA) licences and ratings.