Flight Review, BFR (14 CFR § 61.56)

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The Flight Review required by 14 CFR § 61.56 is commonly called BFR for Biennial Flight Review.
It consists of:

  • At least one hour of ground training with an instructor AGI or CFI;
  • At least one hour of flight training.

The review includes:

  • Flight regulations;
  • Maneuvers and procedures in flight that are necessary for the pilot to demonstrate the safe exercise of the privileges of the pilot certificate.

The ground part will probably include:

  • Preparation of flight (short navigation);
  • Weather analysis;
  • Safety and security issues;
  • Reminder of the regulatory requirements (pilot, aircraft, environment);
  • Issue of the “external pressures” (commitments, weather, cost of a diversion, etc.)
The flight portion will include:
  • Stick-and-rudder proficiency;
  • Proficiency in aircraft systems;
  • Decision making (high-order thinking skills).
Post-flight discussion:
  • It's an important part of the Flight Review. We will discuss health and fitness for flight, encouragement to take a forward step in aviation skills, differences between American and European regulations.
  • The endorsement delivered extends the validity of the license for two more years.