CB-IR(A) training, license conversion

EASA-IR qualification based on a FAA-IR

It is possible to get an EASA-IFR qualification based on your FAA-IR qualification.
The requirements are the following:

  • Valid American and European licenses (flight review and medical OK);
  • 50 h as PIC under IFR flight plan (could be either IMC or VMC);
  • European English level 4 (FCL055) passed;
  • Night qualification (FCL810);
  • Theoretical and practical tests with an examiner of the DGAC passed.

I provide theoretical and practical training needed to take the test with confidence.
This training covers:

  • The differences between regulations;
  • The preparation of the flight and the right way to present it;
  • Precision, non-precision approaches and at least a full 'flight' (apron to apron) with the simulator;
  • At least one flight with precision and non-precision approaches, partial panel approach, unusual positions, etc.

The training is obviously tailored to your particular level.

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