Instrument Proficiency Check, IPC (14 CFR § 61.57)

The IPC, Instrument Proficiency Check is mandatory if the privileges of the IR qualification are lost due to a lack of recent experience. (Reminder: The experience required to fly IFR is: at least six instrument approaches, holding procedures and intercepting and tracking courses through the use of navigation systems.)

14 CFR § 61.57 (d) does not indicate a duration for this check. However 1 h 30 on the ground and 1 h 30 in flight seem essential for proper evaluation of the skills. A simulator session could help reactivate knowledge and practice.

The ground part will address:

  • Weather, and personal minimums;
  • Performance of the aircraft;
  • Alternatives in case of equipment failure;
  • Required runway length (dry, wet), slots, and fuel requirements;
  • Risk management (PAVE, pilot, aircraft, environment and external pressures);
  • For the planned flight, taxi and departure, en-route, arrival, approach, missed approach and alternate airports.

The flying part, which is navigation, is a check of:

  • Proficiency in IFR flight;
  • Flight management and operation of avionics;
  • Decision making;
  • With at least a precision approach, a non-precision approach full panel, a non-precision approach partial panel.

Post-flight discussion:

  • It's an important part of the IPC. We will discuss health and fitness for flight, encouragement to take a forward step in IFR skills, differences between American and European regulations.
  • The 'endorsement' given by the instructor allows to fly under IFR flight plan again.

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